Environmental Policies

Hennessy Electrical Engineering is aware that all activities, products or services can cause an impact on the environment.

  • It is Hennessy Electrical Engineering policy to prevent pollution, reduce waste and the consumption of resources wherever possible.
  • Hennessy Electrical Engineering supports the recycling of materials, where possible, as opposed to disposal.

In support of the various regional and district plans, that detail resource management matters, and any other regulatory matters, the management and staff of Hennessy Electrical Engineering are aware of their responsibilities.

  • At the planning stage of any project and as part of the quality plan, any resource matters are addressed prior to the commencement of any works.
  • Where necessary the relevant resource consents shall be obtained.

Hennessy Electrical Engineering is aware their staff need to be fully briefed prior to commencing any work on any specific environmental issues that may affect the work site.

Work shall be inspected upon completion to ensure environmental issues have been fully addressed and the environmental impact of such work has been minimal.