Quality Policies

The directors, management and personnel of Hennessy Electrical Engineering recognise that to provide customers with high levels of service and satisfaction, a firm commitment to quality has to be understood and supported by directors, management and staff.

A quality programme is developed to fulfil contractual obligations prior to the commencement of any project requiring a quality plan. It is designed to be consistent with professional ethics and standards and to meet the contract requirements, plus regulatory, environmental, Occupational Health and Safety issues.

The associated procedures describe how Hennessy Electrical Engineering will operate to ensure quality control measures are in place, giving assurance to the customer as well as meeting regulatory and contractual requirements.

  • Regular reviews by all staff members will ensure continuous improvement to quality and service undertaken.
  • Whereas Hennessy Electrical Engineering is not an ISO accredited company, the processes adopted are in conformance with the ISO 9000:2000 standards

Our Quality Policy is fully supported by Hennessy Electrical Engineering Directors, Management and Staff.