Control System Design and Build

Client: Jalco Industries
Site: Smithfield, Sydney
Project: IL10 liquid filling lines
Duration: 2 months

JalcoWe were approached by Jalco industries design engineer to build the electrical control systems for 2 liquid filling production lines in conjunction with Stafford Engineering  who would handle the mechanical design and assembly for there plant in Smithfield,  Sydney, Australia.

Our brief was to design and build a control system to bring all the required components together and provide the client with a working system including category 3 rated safety circuitry. The overall design was quite complex as there was to be 6 separate servo drives and a remote block of pneumatics all connected via Ethernet.

We build the control panels at our workshop in Te Rapa then carried out the machine assembly at Stafford’s workshop in Frankton. With Jalco’s automation engineer coming over from Brisbane to carry out Factory acceptance testing prior to the machines being shipped to Sydney.