Materials Handling (Heavy)

Client: Winstone Aggregates Ltd
Whitehall Quarry
Primary & Tertiary Rock Crushing
Duration: 6 months

Winstone AggregatesWhitehall Quarry – Primary & Tertiary Rock CrushingThis new plant was designed as the replacement for the now redundant plant of thirty years. It provided greatly increased production through put and included state of the art rock crushing automation technology.

The project included the installation of two large rock crushers. A 150KW Jaw Crusher and a 220KW Cone Crusher. These large motors were controlled via soft starters supplied form a new motor control centre.

Work carried out included:

  • Site upgrade of 11KV overhead lines.
  • Installation of new 1500KVA 11KV/400V transformer.
  • Design and outwork manufacture of a MSB/MCC/PLC combination cabinet.
  • The design, supply and installation of the incoming mains cables using 400V, 2500amp multiple 630mm2 copper conductors.
  • Installation and terminations of MSB/MCC/PLC.
  • Power circuits to all material handling conveyors,
  • screens and hydraulic systems.
  • E-stop system including fail safe conveyor pull wire trips.
  • Commissioning and testing the plant automation in conjunction with industry specialised company – Impact Automation.