Medical Waste Incineration

Client: Waste Technology (NZ) Ltd
Site: Auckland/UK
Project: Medical Waste Incineration for Princess Elizabeth Hospital Guernsey Channel Islands, United Kingdom
Duration: 9 months

Waste TechnologyMedical Waste IncinerationWaste heat boilerHospitals produce medical waste including needles and other hazardous items that need to be incinerated and disposed of in a safe manner.

Waste Technology (NZ) Ltd being the world leader in this field were commissioned to design an incineration plant capable of doing this and also include a tail gas scrubbing plant.

Due to our long standing relationship with Waste Technology and three previous installs internationally, Hennessy Group was contracted to provide the electrical design for this project.

Working closely with the main contractor the electrical design and assembly of control equipment was completed and tested in New Zealand before being exported to Guernsey.

Once the equipment had arrived on site the field installation was completed by Hennessy Staff in conjunction with Waste Technology engineers on site.

Work carried out included:

  • Detailed logistics and pre-planning.
  • Design of electrical cabinets and assembly.
  • Operator Control Console.
  • Motor Control Centre.
  • Field Wiring and Instrumentation.
  • Variable Speed Drives.
  • DH+ Industrial Comm Network.
  • Two PLC Systems.
  • Panelview Operator Interface Screen.
  • PC based SCADA System for Historical Trending and Data Collection.