Plant Relocation

Client: Winstone Aggregates
Relocation and Installation of Sand Grading/Sorting Plant
Duration: 3 months

   	Winstone Aggregates - Relocation and Installation of Sand Grading/Sorting PlantWinstone AggregatesThis project had a critical time frame, as there would be no new product manufactured during the relocation period.

Therefore the client was required to stockpile product and only had these reserves to work with during the relocation.

We worked very closely with our client in the months leading up to the project start. This included detailing, scheduling and planning tasks for each day as well as site safe management for the project duration.

Work carried out included:

  • Electrical engineering in conjunction with mechanical and civil works.
  • Detailed logistics and pre-planning.
  • Project and workforce management.
  • Refurbishment of existing control panels.
  • Supply and installation of soft starters on all motors over 10KW (Supply Authority power restrictions).
  • Rewrite PLC program for Modicon 984 processor. Reinstate old Modbus plus remote I/O network.
  • Configure Magellus LCD panel HMI.
  • Install emergency stop and safe shutdown system.