Seales Limited Stock Feed Factory

Client: Seales Ltd
Power Factor - Design and Build
Duration: 1 months

Seales power factor design and buildSealesSeales Ltd is Waikato's No. 1 manufacturer of custom blended stock feed for dairy cows and calves and is the recent winner of the Westpac Waikato Business of the year awards as well as being named on the Deloitte 50 fastest growing companies list.

Seales manufacture and sell a wide range of stock feed including feed for dairy, calf, pig, poultry, guinea pig, deer, goat, horse, dog biscuits and bird seed. In addition to Seales core dairy feed business, they also manufacture Murphy's Brew No. 1 Fish Berley.

Seales specialises in the addition of metabolics ingredients such as causmag, Energizer Gold, Rumensin, organic trace minerals, probiotics and concentrated seaweed extracts.

After the new Morrinsville manufacturing facility was built and commissioned, power analysis was undertaken of the site energy usage. As a result it was identified that a power factor correction unit would need to be installed.

Hennessy Group designed and built in house a 350KVAr power factor unit with chokes to eliminate harmonic content.

Due to the large currents involved a forced air ventilation shroud was installed that removed the hot air from the chokes/capacitor cabinet and vented this air safely outside the electrical switchroom.

Work carried out included:

  • Detailed power analysis of site energy usage.
  • Pre-planning for production shutdown and restart.
  • Design cabinet layout specify component sizing.
  • Assemble components and mount to cabinet gear plates.
  • Install and terminate all wiring looms between cabinets.
  • Complete system tests and monitor resultant electrical energy values.