Servo Control Systems

Client: Agri-feeds Ltd
Project:  Two axis process robot for zinc Bolus wax coating
Project duration: 12 weeks

Facial Eczema is caused by a toxin spores produced by a pasture fungus which thrives in warm moist conditions found mostly in rye grass dominant farmland. This toxin is ingested by animals grazing affected pasture.

“The Time Capsule” is a controlled release bolus that allows a consistent daily dose of zinc to be released into the stomach (rumen) to protect against facial eczema for 4-5 weeks in cattle and 6 weeks in sheep.

This animal pharmaceutical remedy was originally developed by Hamilton’s Ruakura research and is now manufactured by Agri-feeds in their dedicated facility located in Frankton.

Hennessy Electrical solutions have been providing on going electrical and automation support since the commercialization and mass manufacture of the product in 1998.

The bolus waxing project is one of several automation upgrades and improvements carried out by Hennessy’s over the last five years.
Although the machine function looks straight forward, there are many programmable variables, modes of operation and cycle recipe’s for the different sized products manufactured.

It is also worth noting that the process time per batch was improved by ten minutes, with each batch now taking 20 minutes as compared to the old machines taking 30.