"Yesterday we had a successful production start-up on the laminator Chop Knife. The Chop Knife has since been running well and all emergency stops, interlocks and guarding etc has been reviewed via a Machine hazard ID report. The project was well run with no major safety or hardware issues.

Thank you for the excellent way in which safety and work co-operation was conducted, the long hours worked and the on-time completion. We are now back to full production."

Tony Antoniadis
Facility Manager Specialty Boards
Oji Fibre Solutions


"Please pass on our sincere thanks and appreciation to David Kinghorn for his professional advice and practical help on many occasions and more currently his exceptional assistance with both getting our Omet up and going and timely consideration in working on the Omega and with the supplier’s technician over the last week.

We have been privileged to have our electrical and electronic requirements met by Hennessy’s over a few years now and really do appreciate the level of service we are always afforded, to a man your team is pleasant, professional and always polite which you can be proud of, Labelmakers appreciates this very much and enjoys the relationship thank you."

Jody Cook
Technical & QA Manager
Labelmakers Ltd

“Thanks for being so professional in working through all the issues that “popped” up from time to time. Having good Electrical and Instrument people like you guys makes a big difference to a job like this.”

Don Watson,
Don Watson Electrical Engineering LTD


"On behalf of the Dairy Goat Co-op, I wish to thank those people that battled on Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday and again on ANZAC day to help DGC with scoop inserter robots that had ceased working. Often work calls for us to step out beyond the normal hours and this is a huge inconvenience in our lives. I am avery appreciative and again thank you for supporting us. I think we have resolved an issue that has perhaps been there for some time.

We are fortunate that we have good support companies (with very good people) supporting our operations."

Brent Prankerd
General Manager Manufacturing
Dairy Goat Co-operative (N.Z.) Ltd


 “Thank you for the level of service that your company provides. Your company has a good attitude, your staff act very professionally, providing good advice, being punctual and not to mention work completed is of a good standard and done in good time. There is also a good level of trust and I do appreciate the effort you all put in. Please relay my thanks to everyone and especially to Paul.”

Marty Tissink,
Maintenance Co-ordinator,
Taylors Group Ltd

 “Well done to all those involved in the design, fabrication, assembly and electrical construction of our machines. Not only have you delivered them on or before schedule, but you’ve also done it impressively. Thank you.”

Kevin M. McCann,
Superior Novelty Equipment, Inc.