Many of our clients have extensive processes in operation. Subsequently any downtime carries a financial risk, with potentially large sums of money being lost while their production is not operating.

Our clients rely on our ability to respond and react quickly to plant breakdowns to minimize production interruptions. Hennessy provides a 24-hour urgent response technical team to provide a complete level of service and support at all times and maintain ongoing customer assurance and industrial safety.

Our success is built on supplying innovative solutions, coupled with reliable and effective support.

Hennessy technicians are highly trained in leading edge technology and this is backed up by our fleet of fully equipped service vehicles. Our service technician team provides effective ongoing maintenance to ensure equipment and systems remain productive and in optimum working condition.

Hennessy offer expert advice and quality systems within an environment where safety and security are considered paramount. All of our work is conducted under strict electrical trade profession and OSH safety guidelines.

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