Intake / Receiving / Silo Transfer

AutoPilot4Feed intake control is designed to be very simple to operate, prevent mistakes, reduce keying and provide comprehensive operational and stock information.

All intake operations are logged to the audit trail and all intake transactions are logged to the database. Viewing and reporting tools may be used to view this data. The database can also store the details of trucks, hauliers and suppliers.

AutoPilot4Feed may be configured to control multiple tipping bays and very complicated routes to bins. A mimic of a simple intake system is shown below.

AutoPilot4Feed can be connected directly to a weighbridge eliminating double keying and operator errors. The system readily connects to Avery, Shering, Lucid, Precia Molen and Bilanciai weighbridge indicators. This information may also be received from an office system to reduce keying and mistakes. Quality check  and truck previous load details on a material basis may be entered with the load details.

Advanced features include:-

  • Truck follow-on facility allows trucks with the same raw material as the previous truck to tip without the need for a full cleanout.
  • Cross contamination checking. This may be used to prevent non-GM materials following GM materials without a flush.
  • Automatic flushing allows an intake route to be flushed by routing a neutral material from a designated flushing bin for a time.
  • A designated redress bin will force the first part of a tip to this bin in the event of a contamination.
  • Driver operated intake option allows the driver to start the intake at a small panel near the pit with an assigned magnetic card, key or 4 digit number.  This reduces labour and prevents mistakes. A picture of a typical installation is shown below.

Driver Operated Intake

The driver initially reports to the weighbridge to take the truck's first weight and assign their badge, key or 4 digit number. The driver then proceeds to the intake pit.Traffic lights at the pit guide the driver to when to reverse on to the bay (amber) and when to start tipping (green). A light beam may be used to detect a truck on the pit and prevent tipping on top of a previous load. When the drivers badge, number or key is accepted at the station the route to the correct bin is automatically started.  Should the bin go to high level during filling, the route to the alternate bin is started automatically without the driver even being aware. The driver returns to the weighbridge to get a second weight.

Carousel Filling

AutoPilot4Feed has a facility for supervising the filling of raw material bins manually e.g. filling carousel bins with bags. This enables stock control of these type of bins and prevents the wrong materila being tipped. Typically a PC workstation is positioned near the bin lids. The operator will scan the barcode on the bag and the system will then either automatically unlock the correct bins lock or monitor the limit switches to ensure the correct bin is opened.

Silo Transfer

AutoPilot4Feed has the option of optimising the pre-grinding operation by predicting ground raw material requirements. It does this by looking at the current production schedule. If the production schedule is not available, AutoPilot4Feed reverts to its history of raw material requirements thus always ensuring that it grinds to the optimum without operator intervention.

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