Full Material Traceability

Full traceability is an option that provides the facility of tracking each delivery (lot) of all raw materials through the plant and into each delivery of finished product. This takes the standard traceability of the system to another level.

Full traceability works on all bulk, liquids and bagged raw materials whether added automatically or by hand. All finished products are tracked including bulk and bags.

This facility automatically records and logs all lot movements and provides simple analysis and recall functions.

Material Traceability

Lot Formats

There is a choice of 3 formats for lot numbers:

  • Supplier lot numbers (manually entered or barcode scanned)
  • Sequential numbers which increment automatically for each new lot number.
  • Date/Time format based on the date and time that the raw material arrived on site.

Example of a batch showing individual lot numbers for each tracked raw material.

Example of a finished product bin showing 2 lots:

Example of a raw material bin showing 3 separate lots (deliveries):

Wanding the bar code on a pallet of finished product bags automatically records and tracks the lot number to the customer.

Tracking made easy

Having full traceability makes it simple to see where a lot of raw material is in the plant or where it is in products delivered to which customers. AutoPilot4Feed has simple facilities to show where a lot has gone.

In reverse, you can enter a particular finished product load and AutoPilot4Feed can tell you which raw material lots went into it, letting you trace it back to the source. You can then use this to see which other customers may be affected.

It is not realistic to track some raw materials, for example, wheat in a large silo, liquids, water and so on. For these raw materials you can simply switch off traceability and AutoPilot4Feed will not ask for lot numbers.

Managing traceability

Having full traceability means that you have to regularly enter lot numbers and to be careful with stock adjustments. However, AutoPilot4Feed helps a great deal and there is no need to keep paper records. In many cases, full traceability forces operators to take more care, something which may even help with quality.

Traceability explained

When a raw material is delivered (in either bag or bulk form), it is given a lot number. For bulk materials a bin can have one or more lots and these are assumed to be in layers; first in / first out.

When a batch is weighed up, AutoPilot4Feed automatically logs each lot of raw material used. There can be up to 3 individual lots per weighment. Batches are often combined into one pellet press run and this run is given its own unique finished product lot number. A finished product bin can have one or more lots, which are then transferred to each delivery load. Lots are also transferred to finished product bags and each pallet of bags is given a unique barcoded ticket which is then used to track whole pallets or individual bag deliveries.

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