Thermal Imaging

Electrical faults are often time consuming and costly to diagnose, as switchgear and control panels have to be shut down which may mean stopping the process operation.

Infrared thermal imaging, is non contact method of detecting faults and predicting equipment that is likely to fail perhaps months before they actually cause failure. This allows the remedial maintenance to be scheduled and the workflow to continue, generally saving far more expense than the cost of the survey.

Infra-red thermal imaging is a recognised technique for detecting loose or corroded connections. A poor electrical connection under load will rise in temperature. Arcing will occur and eventually the connection will fail, or at worst cause a fire resulting in an expensive shutdown of the associated equipment or machinery.

What is an Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey?

A thermal imaging survey involves taking thermal images of electrical equipment including distribution fuse boards, contactors, switch boards, transformers, motors, battery banks, UPS's, control panels etc.

With these thermal images it is possible to identify such faults as loose connections and over loaded circuits (the most common cause of electrical fires), transformer cooling faults, motor winding faults and induced currents. All this is being carried out whilst the equipment is in operation, causing no disruption to business operations.

Following the survey, a report will be produced which will identify equipment found to be displaying faults. For each fault, a diagnosis will be given together with recommendations on how to repair. Also the report will provide an evaluation of fault severity which will enable the client to plan any remedial work around their business activities, thereby reducing operational down time. 

A thermal imaging camera can detect and record temperature differences as low as 0.3oC which is far above the sensitivity required to detect electrical faults. A warm wire in a bundle of wires or amongst hundreds of terminals will be immediately detected and displayed.

The Benefits

Unbeatable for electrical Fault finding.

  • There is no other technology that is able to identify such electrical faults as safely and as quickly as a survey.

Totally Non-intrusive

  • A thermal imaging survey is non-intrusive, meaning no disruption to normal business operations.

Reduction in the cost of breakdowns

  • Because faults are found before they cause equipment to fail, the associated cost of repairs is minimal compared to the cost of equipment failure.

Insurance Premium Reductions

  • Increasingly, insurance companies are reducing their premiums to companies who undertake annual surveys.
  • Some insurance companies are now insisting on a thermal imaging survey prior to providing cover.

Reduction in Risk Management Contingency Budgets

  • Thermal surveys reduce the risk of equipment failure and the associated consequences, e.g. damage to other plant, equipment and property, injury to employees and public, operational downtime and damage to company reputation. 
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