Analytical Test Plant

Mighty River Power
Geothermal Vent Silica Analysis
6 months

Being a major player in the Power Supply market in both the Hydro and Geothermal fields our client had drilled two experimental geothermal vents. These were drilled to ascertain whether the steam being produced out of the ground was of sufficient quality to be used for a proposed geothermal power station.

Our engineering team assisted the clients design department to create a control solution that would test the silica scale occurring in the flow tubes and record historical data in a SCADA system.

A feature of the system was that once operational no staff would be present on site. For this reason an auto dialler and modem were employed to reach the on-call staff member by cellphone in case of a component failure or an out of specification problem.

Work carried out included:

  • Adapt one shipping container in our workshop to include a control cabinet and all of the required cable entry exit points and junction boxes. The equipment installed in this container is the control centre for the operators on this site.
  • Freight container to site and install overhead catenaries for cable supports to each field instrument.
  • Install field bus network for multiple instruments and flow tubes in the field.
  • The remaining instruments were of analogue type and were connected to a Honeywell PLC and a SCADA system.
  • Design control cabinet layout and mechanical assembly. Assemble and mount control devices, power distribution and PLC components.
  • Commission installation and assist client’s automation engineers.
  • Ongoing maintenance and breakdown support.

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