Data logging

Universal Beef Packers Ltd
Te Kuiti
Data logging & daily reports using ICONICS TrendWorX32
1 month

Our client Universal Beef Packers is located in Te Kuiti in the central North Island, New Zealand and manufacture specialty meat products for the Asian market.

Beef Jerky and Mountain Beef brands as well as beef and veal fresh and frozen are just some of the products produced on this site.

Being an exporter in the meat industry regulatory compliance is high on the agenda. Recording of freezer and chiller temperatures is a mandatory task in an industry of this nature.

Our challenge was to exchange data with the existing SCADA systems supervising the refrigeration plant and log this information to a dedicated server located in the engineering office.

We used ICONICS DDE-OPC Server software to convert the data to a network friendly protocol and then logged this data to our report serving PC over a simple Ethernet network.

Using ICONICS TrendWorX32 in conjunction with MS Excel reports are automatically formatted, archived and printed every morning at 7am. Data can be retrieved from the logging database for any period of time in the system history.

We have chosen to work with the ICONICS suite of software as it has some unique features especially in the area of industrial data transfer, reporting and Web HMI viewing.

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