Fonterra Machine Safety Systems

Te Rapa, Hamilton
Cream Cheese Plant, Rapid Cooler Safety System Upgrade
3 months

Due to on going safety improvements for Fonterra staff in the Cream Cheese Plant the engineering team at Te Rapa asked Hennessy Group and Stafford Engineering to design and provide a safety solution to protect their team from hazards involved in the Rapid Cooler Carton Tunnel.

This project involved the addition of safety fencing around the carton tunnel on two levels and the installation of networked safety controllers that communicate with the Plant production system (PLC).

Our brief was to improve the safety interlocking of the original equipment while maintaining the existing plant which was constantly in production throughout this project. All moving equipment needed to be interlocked to the safety controllers so that no entrapments can occur that could injure site staff.

Close co-ordination between the mechanical contractor Stafford Engineering and Hennessy’s was required and also careful design with Sick Pty Ltd the New Zealand supplier of safety zone rated equipment.

Work carried out included:

  • Disconnect and relocate operator control cabinets to new locations.Design and install compliant guard fencing to prevent personnel ingress.
  • Design new “control pods” to interlock gate, with entrapment key, estop, indication and maglocks to keep gates shut.
  • Hydraulic blocking valves to prevent hydraulic parts from moving when “locked out”.
  • Installation of new safety controllers from SICK Pty Ltd.
  • Network safety controllers together and connect to Control-Logix PLC.
  • Addition of interposing contactors to prevent conveyor and motor start ups when safeties have been “tripped”.
  • Commissioning installation and AutoCAD drawings.

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