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Goodman Fielder
Quality Bakers Huntly
Vogels/ Ernest Adams Gluten Free plant
2 months

We were approached by Goodman Fielder to assist them with the electrical build for a new division of there business, which had a product release date to the market fixed and only a short time to put together a full clean room/ red line environment and rebuild of all the machinery which was to be used within the plant to the current Goodman fielder specification.

We provided them with two independent teams headed by Braden Rassell to tackle the work required in the time frame provided. One team focussed on the building redevelopment, with the second team focussed on machine upgrades.

We ran a constant open dialogue with the client so that they were completely aware of the work that was being under taken and therefore were able to keep a handle on the budget for such an enormous project with a tight time frame.

The machinery mostly required a full rebuild of the control systems due to each machine being very old and often running 230v control systems with limited machine safety. Our approach was  to design a new control system meeting the GF spec and then providing a proposal to GF management which they then OK’d so that we could then commence each machine build.

The building redevelopment required us to work closely with a building contractor plus electrical engineering consultant who handled the design of the building safety systems i.e. emergency lighting etc. the end result was a completely rewired building with all new Main distribution boards located in a specifically built electrical room outside of the clean room environment.

The project came in on time and to the clients appreciation they were able to provide new product to the market on time and on budget.

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