Fresh Cut Fruit Processing

Fresh Appeal USA Inc
Design and manufacture of electrical control systems
2 stages over 2 years

Our client Fresh Appeal is an innovative, leading-edge provider of disinfection and life extension technology to the high growth fresh produce industry. Established in 2002, Fresh Appeal continues to develop commercialized technology in strategic collaboration with Step Sciences and the world-renowned New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research.

Step Sciences and Plant and Food Research hold key equity stakes in Fresh Appeal and together are committed to providing robust, quality solutions through design and development of new and novel functional foods and processes, which offer benefits to human health and wellbeing.

Our brief was to design in collaboration with Fresh Appeal Engineers a robust and reliable control system using current industry standard equipment which was easily supported and which spares could be found easily within the United States of America. Where the production lines were to be installed.

The build was carried out in 2 stages with the initial delivery of 2 lines to be installed and running by January 2011, this allowed an 8 week build time to meet the shipping date with the equipment being air freighted to the United States for installation.

The delivery of machinery and electrical control cabinets to site was then followed up by a Hennessy Group employee with  the Fresh Appeal engineer for overseeing and assistance with the site installation. The next four lines were built with a similar time line and were delivered for installation and commissioning late in 2011. All up by the time we were finished the system has 18 independent PLC’s , 18 HMI’s and a SCADA system to control the process.

Hennessy Electrical developed a SCADA system to provide overall viewing of the 6 lines and have remote access so that the Fresh Appeal engineers can monitor via the internet the process running and can make any suggestion to the site staff as to improvement to operations  to assist with meeting quality targets.

Hennessy Electrical also have remote access to all the PLC’s and HMI’s onsite and can make changes from anywhere in the world via the internet to help with the systems performance. And assist with any trouble shooting that may be required.

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