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Colby Powder Systems Australia
Integrated Filler System – Milk Powder
3 months

Colby Powder Systems (a subsidiary of GEA) is the recognized world leader in powder handling and storage. They have the technology and knowledge required to manufacture integrated powder handling and packaging systems from process to package.

Hennessy Group has formed a partnership with Colby Powder to implement the electrical design (in association with Colby engineers) and assembly of all electrical components on their range of filling equipment.

Recently this involved the assembly of an IFS Integrated Filling System. The IFS30-G is a fully integrated filling and closing system, in a compact assembly, incorporating high efficiency modified atmosphere processing with a 1,500mm x 1,750mm footprint.

Not only does this lower the space required it increases the system efficiency by completing the can filling, gassing and closing process in one machine.

The filling system uses state of the art closed loop, feedback technology combined with gross check weighing, to achieve high accuracy and excellent repeatability. This enables reduced product giveaway and less rejects.

System features:

  • Can integrated filling and closing
  • Up to 30 cans per minute at 99mm diameter
  • Accuracy < 3.5 grams
  • Vacuum filling option
  • Sanitary Design
  • Flexibility - Wide Range of Powders, Ease of Changeover
  • Reliability > 99 %

Work carried out included:

  • Detailed logistics and pre-planning.
  • Design gear tray layout and assemble all trunking and din rail to the formica backplane.
  • Assemble all electrical components including PLC’s, DC power supplies, breakout termination cards and wiring looms onto gear tray.
  • Install and terminate all wiring looms between cabinets.
  • Mount and terminate all product sensors.
  • Complete system tests and freight filler overseas.

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