Meat Processing Rebuild

Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd
Slaughter Floor Production Improvements
3 months

Operating since 1993, Greenlea Premier Meats, has developed an international reputation for innovative processes that produce consistent high quality beef products and service. Privately owned Greenlea Premier Meats export over 300 types of beef product to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Located in the heart of Morrinsville is one of Greenlea’s modern production facilities. Due to increased demand to meet their end customer markets the amount of daily beef throughput needed to be substantially increased.
Our brief was to disconnect all existing equipment in the slaughter floor so that the room could be expanded 14 metres, then relocate existing equipment to new positions, install new processing stations, and get the room running again within 3 weeks. At the same time we also needed to convert chillers to Aging chillers and install 4x Blast Freezers.

The short turnaround on this project was crucial with no room for any delays. There was only two days allowed in the timeline for complete commissioning of the Slaughter Floor.

Our work included:

  • Detailed investigation of every cable previously installed on site in the slaughter floor, packing rooms and boning room entry.
  • Create detailed cable schedules outlining every core colour, wire number and destination.
  • Complete disconnection of all electrical equipment, lighting, wash stations in Slaughter room.
  • Relocate equipment to new positions and reconnect.
  • PLC rack extensions and wiring.
  • Recessed ceiling hygiene light fitting installation.
  • Installation of 2x pneumatic lifters for halving saw areas.
  • Installation of pneumatic lifters for boning room entry handover.
  • Installation of new mains cable from new Transformer to previously installed 1350Amp MCC.
  • Conversion of Chiller room to 2x Aging Chillers.
  • Installation of 4x Blast Freezers and associated motor and solenoid controls.
  • All software and Scada to implement changes.

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