Fulton Hogan
Hampton Downs, Waikato Region
Land Fill Leachate Collection Hampton Downs
12 months

Because both Auckland and Hamilton are close in proximity to this area, Hampton Downs was chosen to site New Zealand’s largest landfill operation.

With the enormous volumes of refuse being delivered, this site covers a very large area. After rainfall has filtered down through the layers of refuse it is collected in its liquid form known as leachate.

This leachate is pumped from a pumping station site located at the bottom of the valley up to holding tanks where tankers collect the leachate and transport it to a treatment facility at an off site location.

Each remote pumping station and the central base station are in constant communication with each other by using a telemetry system.

This project was a design and build type contract where Hennessy Group designed the cabinets, the control systems inside the cabinets, and performed all field installation and commissioning.

Due to the looming closure of Auckland landfills the timeline was very tight on this project as this new landfill had to be up and running before these other landfills finished operating.

Work carried out included:

  • Detailed logistics and pre-planning.
  • Design IP65 powder coated electrical & telemetry cabinets.
  • Design gear tray layouts and assemble all components, trunking and din rail to the formica backplanes.
  • Terminate all wiring including individual core labels.
  • Deliver to site and install.
  • Install multiple underground cabling systems between cabinets and field devices.

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