Waitoa Protein Plant - Progression

Waitoa Industrial Estate
Waitoa, Waikato NZ
36 Months
New Greenfield Protein Plant build


Waitoa Natural Proteins looked to the trusted team at Hennessy to supply their electrical engineering construction skills and expertise with the installation of a new electrical power centre, motor control centres, cabling, and assisting in the development of the new Greenfield Protein Plant Factory build.

Our timeframe for the design was 12 months, with a two-year build programme following.

Waitoa Protein Plant
Waitoa Protein Plant install


Our planning involved incorporating a long lead time of up to 18 months for some parts, as well as a multitude of design changes.

The integrated safety systems to keep operators safe was a key component, as well as odour control, ensuring all emitted odours were contained within the factory environment and put through an odour bed to meet and exceed environmental regulations.

With a significant power usage required, the planning stage also involved discussions with power network provider PowerCo, to ensure the 8x transformers were appropriately sized and to coincide with the delivery of a new substation which is currently under construction.


The design needed to deliver a turnkey electrical engineering solution involving the power distribution centre including multiple MCC, appropriately sized transformers to cope with the 24-hour, 7-day production operation, a thorough cable support integration, and the multiple PLC rack and safety system design and build.

Our design stage took 12 months to complete, and was executed in collaboration with Waitoa’s architect, builder, production planners, plant managers, material suppliers, and power retailers.

The power reticulation and the main switchboard design was extensive to incorporate the sheer volume of power required to operate the plant.

As all odours produced within the plant need to be contained. An Odour extraction system and odour bed has been designed to capture all air within the building to neutralise odours, and a customised automated process where outside doors could not be opened if any process doors are open when truck deliveries occur and vice versa.

Waitoa Protein Plant cable management
Waitoa Protein Plant switchboard installation


As of December 2023, we are 12 months into a 24 month build programme, with a large number of electricians on site to deliver the turnkey solution. All long lead items have been installed, including the main switchboards and water treatment control system, with a number of cable supports, cable pulls and the final termination to continue into 2024. We have anticipated the long lead-in for parts to time our delivery to precision, and our can-do attitude has been recognised by the team at Waitoa, as we have incorporated all of their design changes to date.


As the Waitoa project is still in the build phase, the end result will be updated at the conclusion of the project in 2024. Stay tuned for updates.

“The team at Waitoa has been impressed by the sheer quantity of electricians we have on the project to deliver the expertise required, and the ‘can do’ attitude of our team as we have been able to accommodate all of their design changes to date.”

- Glen Loft

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