Ecolab Limited

Ecolab Limited
Hamilton Manufacturing Facility
3 Months
Mixing Tank Control System

Ecolab is a global supplier of tailor made chemicals and equipment for cleaning and sanitizing in important industries such as food and beverage i.e. milk processing.

At its Hamilton Facility Ecolab manufactures amongst other things industrial cleaning solutions to assist their clients to keep their production facilities in a superb hygienic condition to meet export market expectations.
Our brief was to design a control system where through the process of blending with a core ingredient of sodium hydroxide a batch is mixed for a time period to ensure consistency of the resultant solution.

Sodium Hydroxide is extremely corrosive so we had to source level sensors in the bulk powder hopper that could survive this environment.

Secondly when the Sodium Hydroxide is added to water, an exothermic reaction results, which rapidly drives up the temperature of the solution. For this reason a cooling system with water tower was added and the incoming powder conveyors must be able to be stopped when the temperature rises too rapidly.



Research and install 2x Sodium Hydroxide resistant powder level sensors in hopper.
Install vacuum extraction and scrubber system on top of powder hopper to remove Sodium Hydroxide dust.
Provide motor protections and controls for discharge and incline conveyor system.
Install safety circuit for door covers on conveyors system.
Design and install temperature and flow sensors in water cooling circuit.
Install safety circuit for cooling tower door covers.
Provide and install pressure transmitter (acting as level) in bottom of tank.
Provide and install 15KW Stirrer motor VSD and cabling.
Design control cabinet layout and mechanical assembly. Assemble and mount control devices, power distribution and PLC components including an operator touchscreen interface.
Commission the installation.
Ongoing maintenance and breakdown support.

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