Yashili Dairy Factory - Pokeno
6 Months
Waste Water Treatment

Yashili is one of the “big three” producers of infant milk formula for the domestic market in China. Having previously been a longstanding importer of New Zealand milk powder, now they have taken it one step further – by producing their finished goods in New Zealand.

An investment of $200 million has been made at their Pokeno site with the construction of a 30,000m2 manufacturing plant. Annual production capacity of approx 52,000 tonnes of infant formula products will supply the rapidly growing and increasingly demanding Chinese market. Our client Rendertech manufactures a range of Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Plants for the purification of wastewater.

This is achieved by a pressurised, air saturated, air water solution which is added to the flotator tank containing the wastewater. The depressurisation to ambient pressure causes the air to be released as a cloud of micro bubbles which attach themselves to the suspended material and floc. These impurities then rise to the surface, building up a layer of sludge that is periodically removed by a slow moving scraper. The sludge is collected in the sludge tank and pumped by the sludge pump to further treatment or disposal. Our brief was to automate the process, provide cable design, and implement the PLC and SCADA package.



Design and build of MCC and PLC control cubicles.
Installation of multiple power and control ladder racks.
Installation of cabling to Tyco 25x actuator valves.
Design build VSD wall mounted rack and fasten vsd’s.
Installation of cabling to 20x DOL and vsd controlled motors.
Ethernet ring communication network from PLC to Server cabinet for remote alarm event monitoring.
Installation of cabling to all instruments and digital devices.
Cabling and termination of acid and caustic Valving/Solenoids and trace heating.
PLC documentation, site specific core wire identification and cable labeling systems.
Site wiring of all actuators, temperature controls, level controls, pressure controls, flow controls.
Documented pre-testing of all cabling and instrumentation.
FAT testing of PLC controls before shipment to site.
Software testing of all actuators and instrumentation.
Swagelok stainless steel impulse tube bending and installation.
Commissioning, calibrating, operator training and as built documentation.

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