Seales Winslow Whanganui

Seales Winslow
8 months
Upgrade & Installation of Pellet Plant

Seales Winslow Performance Nutrition is NZ's No.1 compound ruminant feed manufacturer. Operating "state of the art" facilities, SealesWinslow are an award winning, genuine manufacturer of customised pelletised stock feed.

We believe the Whanganui mill is the most modern and up to date compounding feed mill in New Zealand. The mill is controlled by DSL's AutoPilot4Feed control system that includes advanced and innovative features not able to be replicated with the more traditional SCADA solution.

The control system centres on a 64 bit Windows 7 server PC with an SQL Server database (replicated to a standby server to provide built-in redundancy). Through the fast Ethernet network this connects to an Allan Bradley PLC, remote I/O and also the site weigh bridge. A number of desktop PCs connect to the server to provide client workstations at various locations on the plant.

As NZ agents for DSL Systems, Hennessy Electrical Solutions proposed AutoPilot4Feed, a complete solution that is fully integrated, fully automatic and covers all areas of the mill operation. This included meals and grain intakes, blending, transfer and conditioning of raw materials, production scheduling, weigh batching, pellet press control. The system also incorporates truck delivery receipting and customer orders dispatching.

Seals Winslow


11kv site supply cable upgrade.
11KV/400V transformer, energy metering and LV mains cables.
Design site distributed control system.
Design P&IDs – keep live and updated to all contractors through life span of project.
PLC and remote I/O documentation, site specific core wire identification and cable labeling systems.
Design three major MCCs.
Design dedicated Ethernet network for: PLCs, remote I/O, AP4F server and standby, various operator work stations located through out the site.
Design site specific electro pneumatic junction boxes and standardize through out site.
Site wiring of all motors, slide gates, diverters, turn heads, weigh scales and truck weigh bridges, temperature controls, level controls, VSDs, material fluidization systems.
PLC software for I/O gateway to Auto Pilot 4 Feed application.
Configuration of Auto Pilot 4 Feed including screens, process automation, material transfer, inwards reception and orders dispatch to provide an all encompassing feed milling site solution.
Commissioning, calibrating, operator training and as built documentation.
Category rated individual machine safety systems.
Hazardous area survey, implementation and certification.

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